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Welcome to the

Forever Changed Consulting Agency

PR Club

Helping entrepreneurs and business owners understand public relations.

Implementing public relations may not be easy, but with The PR Club, it just got easier.


The Forever Changed Consulting Agency PR Club helps businesses expand their reach and increase their bottom line with strategic and impactful public relations tools and resources.

Why does your business need

The PR Club?

Are you wondering if your business is ready for public relations? Maybe you're thinking it's time to prepare your business for the media attention you've always wanted? Whatever your reason for considering public relations, you should be excited about taking the next step to grow or scale your business.


This is the point where we enter. With a PR Club membership, you will receive the dedicated public relations support you desire and your business deserves. From industry experts to monthly themed live lessons, the insight you'll receive will help you elevate your business or brand and prepare you for expansion, media placements, and exposure.

What are you waiting for?

Make the move you know you're ready for!

Become a member of the

Forever Changed Consulting Agency PR Club today!

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